Reignwolf One to Watch in Rolling Stone Magazine

Reignwolf aka jordon cook music photography Jonathan Lappin


Reignwolf Playing Live in London – Rolling Stone Magazine One to Watch

Artist – Reignwolf aka Jordon Cook

Venue – Proud Galleries, Camden, London

Photo – Jonathan Lappin

I captured this image of Reignwolf in Camden when he performed for Breakout at the Proud Galleries on  recent tour of of Europe. I am thrilled to see that he has been selected by rollings Stone Magazine as one of there top 10 acts t watch for 2014 check out the article by Christopher R. Weingarten

For me Reignwolf aka Jordan Cook is one of the best live acts I have ever seen, I literally had goose bumps whilst watching him play. After his set  I felt compelled to speak to him and give him a massive hug as well, not something I usually do. Happily it turns out he is a very nice guy and did not feel the need to punch me for doing so.

Do yours self a favour and have a listen to some of his music

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  1. Dave Stearns March 7, 2014 at 1:28 am #

    I’ve seen this guy perform 4 times, but could have stopped at 2. It’s the same schtick every time, same songs and the songs really aren’t that good. Sure he’s for a great voice and can play the guitar with ease, but he’s basically a guitar playing cliche. He’s no Jack White, and should NEVER be brought up in the same breath as Jimi….I’ll stop there. It’s a great show the first time, but the songs all sound like ideas. Nothing memorable except parts of the performance, and that’s always the same. Always.

  2. J Makk July 11, 2014 at 3:40 pm #

    Dave’s comment is spot on. He can play guitar well and I dig the passion he puts in, and his voice is raw and bluesy. But it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before and isn’t being done in a thousand blues bars all over the world. I see people all over youtube saying stuff like “watch out Jack White!!”. Hmmm what people seem to forget is that on top of being the most original, innovative guitar player of his generation, Jack White is an incredible lyricist and an even better song writer. And when he decides to lay down a solo??? Ball & Biscuit happens. Yeah it’s blues but it’s blues from another planet. One than only Jack White inhabits. Reignwolf, Gary Clarke Jr etc are just guys re treading old ground. Passionate but wholly unoriginal. And like Dave said, the songs, they just ain’t there.

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